Slightly Askey Winery, Elkin, NC

by admin on October 27, 2010

Not your typical winery.

There are 19 great wines to pick from.  You have whites, reds, sweets, dry, semi dry and fun merchandise that is hard to pass up.

My fun experience started unexpectedly.  I just wanted to stop in and take a video and what do you know, I am tasting the wine.

I will briefly go over them with you because, well they crack me up.  Now before I begin the names are funny which make great gifts but the wine is so good.  Also these wines are made from kits which are sold there as well.

These are the wines as of the date of this blog:  Tasting of ALL wines with their glass is only $5.00.

Whites: (Price points $11-$13 per bottle)

Camp Creek Clear: (Sav.Blanc); Mitchell River White (Viognier); Stump Farm White (Pinot Gri); Jumpin’ Jazzmine (Riesling); Katie B Good (Piesporter); Penny for your Thoughts (Austr. Chard)

Reds: (Price points $12-$15 per bottle)

State Road Red (Chianti); Blue Door Red (Cariminer); Yadkin River Red (Austr. Cab); Old Bridge Zin (Old Vine Zinfandel); Bridge Street Red (Amarone)

Sweets: (All sweets are $8.50 per bottle – they are delightfully sweet wines, even for me, who isn’t fond of sweet wines)  …….I bought two bottles 🙂

Tattoo on the Beach (Viogner); Slut Dog Sin (Raspberry Zin); Black Jack BJ (Merlot); Bubba Lou’s Choice (Makes a great sangria); Nasty Bastard (Wild Berry Zin); Elkoholic(Green Apple Gym); Strawberry Riesling & Peach Chardonnay

So check out their web site at and this is a must visit.  Not only is it good but it’s so much fun.

(*special note – I am prob. sure I didn’t spell all the grapes correctly but it is slightly askew now isn’t it*)