Diana’s Bookstore, Historic Downtown Elkin

by admin on October 27, 2010

One of my favorite places to shop while I am in Historic Downtown Elkin is Diana’s Bookstore.

On my first visit I was pleasantly surprised when I entered the store.  There were children sitting at two tables, just out of school, reading books and drinking fresh made smoothies and then I turned my attention back to the rest of the store and saw a wonderful array of books, toys, gifts, Life is Good items and of course coffee and smoothies.   I wondered to myself if I brought enough money with me because I know I am not leaving this store empty handed.

Before I finished perusing the store I looked down at my watch and an hour had slipped by.

I believe you too will enjoy this great shop located at 222 East Main Street, Elkin, NC 336-835-3142.  If you are looking for a special book you can’t find give them a call.