Antique Mall of the Foothills – Jonesville, NC

by admin on October 27, 2010

Antique malls are rather like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get. Some antique malls are dirty and poorly lit, some are craft shops disguised as antique dealers, and some have the same pawed-over and over-priced merchandise that they had five years ago.

Fortunately for the thousands of would-be customers traveling I-77 through Yadkin County, the Antique Mall of the Foothills in Jonesville is one of the best antique malls you are likely to find. Located just a spit an’ holler from the interstate, this antique mall is clean, well-lit, and considering the fact that, according to the owner, they boast over 120 different vendors,thoughtfully laid out.

Occupying around 10,000 square feet—all on one level, which makes the entire store handicap accessible—Antique Mall of the Foothills has vendors selling old tools, jewelry, postcards and other ephemera, soft drink bottles (what we always called “pop” bottles), clocks, toys, records, furniture, advertising signs, books, records, coins, license plates, cookie jars, glassware—well, you get the idea. If it’s old and collectible, you are likely to find it here. In the back, in the corner (but not in the dark), I was amazed to find a rack of vintage clothing. Alas, I didn’t see that Nehru jacket I have been pining for, but you can’t have everything.

While waiting at the checkout counter, I casually flipped through their guest register and was again amazed (that word again—maybe they should change their name to Amazing Antique Mall of the Foothills) to see a comment thanking the staff for letting their dog enter the store. A pet-friendly antique mall? Yep, but I would think twice before I took my pet chimp in there (not to mention a pet bull, because they do stock some really nice china).

Best of all, not only is this mall pet-friendly, it’s human friendly, as well, with a knowledgeable, helpful and just downright professional staff. All in all, the Antique Mall of the Foothills is not only worth a stop, it’s deserving of being a destination in itself.

If they can somehow find me that much coveted Nehru jacket, I will be a very happy man.